With its crystal clear lakes and rushing rivers, SouthWest Germany is great for all sorts of water sports. Go to windsurf or to sail, to scuba dive or to paddle a canoe. Popular lakes include the Mummelsee or the Schluchsee, as well as Lake Constance, known as Germany’s very own Riviera.

Two of Southern SouthWest Germany’s outstanding features are the sunshine and waters. So what could be better than enjoying a sunny day at the lakeside or choose from the wide range of water sports. Wether you are a into water sports or just want ot enjoy the idyllic scene: Lake Constance, as well as many other lakes and rivers, have something to offer for everyone.

Lake Constance

When it comes to water sports, Lake Constance is the great allrounder, offering everything from sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing to kayaking, swimming or just relaxing on a pedal boat (pedalo). Not forgetting the sunny shoreline for sunbathing. As well as boat rental shops, the windsurfing and sailing schools have highly-qualified instructors ready to help beginners. Or, just crash out on a beach, stroll though a charming village or explore the countryside.


Lake Constance is not the only lovely lake in SouthWest Germany: the region is dotted with calm lakes, fed by clear, clean rivers. All are lovely for swimming, going for a pedal-boat ride or just relaxing. Some of the most famous and romantic lakes are in the Black Forest: Titisee, Schluchsee, or the legendary Mummelsee. All of them appeal by an unique combination of crystal clear water and an imposing mountain backdrop. In the Swabian-Franconian Forest, surrounded by vineyards, Lake Breitenauer is popular with water-sports enthusiasts.


Germans love to canoe. And they love to paddle on rivers such as the Neckar, Kocher, and Jagst or even in the Danube Valley, where the Danube is still small. Try canoeing for a few hours or book a multi-day trip. On the River Neckar, you look up at mighty medieval fortresses. On the River Jagst, the experience varies from paddling on a gently flowing steam to riding rapids that provide the adrenaline rush of a thrill ride!