Health and Wellness

Recharge your batteries in bubbling hot springs, deep in the Black Forest; ease your muscles in a brine bath in the Swabian Mountains; or treat yourself to a short break in Upper Swabia, where the specialty is warm mud baths! Relaxation is guaranteed in SouthWest Germany.

SouthWest Germany has 57 spa centers, more than any other region in Germany. But spas mean much more than just pampering. For centuries, the region’s 37 hot mineral springs have been used as a powerful, yet natural, way to heal and cure.

Sparkling mineral water and hot mineral springs

SouthWest Germany has some of Europe’s most modern spas, complete with spacious saunas. Take Baden-Baden, where you can soak in the purest water in two luxurious spas: the historic Friedrichsbad and the hip Caracalla Spa. If you prefer warm, salty water, head for Bad Durrheim, a glamorous spa town on the edge of the Black Forest.

SouthWest Germany’s pure air

With some 50 resorts, SouthWest Germany’s inhabitants have long appreciated the healing benefits of spas and hot springs. The Black Forest is particularly well-known for its spas, where the bonus is the fresh, clean air that surrounds you, as well as the beauty of the endless forests, small streams and lakes.

Just relax: you’re in a Wellness Paradise

SouthWest Germany offers a wide variety of spa experiences. In Bad Schonborn, for example, the Thermarium spa uses salt and brine in its special treatments. By contrast, Bad Wurzach in Upper Swabia is known for its “black gold.” That’s what they call the special warm mud used in treatments that are a real treat for your skin!

The Wellness Stars Guarantee

Wherever you decide to go, you can rely on the Spa Association’s Wellness Stars program, a guarantee of quality at hotels, thermal baths and medical spas.