Wine Beauty Treatments

SouthWest Germany is wine country. But the grapes produce more than wines; they also have great health benefits. As an ingredient in beauty treatments, grape products can protect against premature skin aging and cancer.

Beauty from the Vine

In SouthWest Germany, the high quality of the local grapes provides high quality cosmetics. The rich natural nutrients make them ideal for beauty and spa products.

Grape Power

Cosmetics manufacturers have recognized the active ingredients in grape skins and grape seeds. They are full of polyphenols, which act as an anti-inflammatory and cancer preventive. At the same time, they protect against premature skin aging and arteriosclerosis. Magnesium, another important ingredient in grapes, helps to relax the skin.

SanVino Wine Cosmetics

In the green heart of the Hohenlohe, a company called SanVino makes products that pamper the body and the soul. They extract the active ingredients from locally-grown grapes (including oil from the seeds) to create soothing facial masks and unctuous skin care creams.

Wellness for the whole body

There is so much goodness in a bunch of grapes. In the battle against free radicals, the polyphenols and resveratrol in grape seed have been found to be far more effective than vitamin E. More and more spa facilities are offering Vinotherapy. Using grapes in a variety of ways, such as grape-seed oil rubs and wine baths, wellness programs promote blood circulation, strengthen cardiovascular and immune systems, and stimulate the metabolism of fat.