It is a pleasure to eat out in SouthWest Germany’s restaurants and pubs. Swabian cuisine is everywhere, so come and enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

No other state in Germany can offer such a variety of dishes on the menu. SouthWest Germany’s cuisine is based on first-class local produce, some of Germany’s finest wines, and French influences from across the Rhine. So, wherever you are, an enjoyable meal is guaranteed.

Regional Cuisine and Dining

Eating out in SouthWest Germany is not only about gourmet restaurants. In the Black Forest and Hohenlohe, along Lake Constance and in the Palatinate, inns and restaurants still prepare traditional and regional dishes that have been handed down for generations.

The Südlandköche Association: SouthWest Germany’s Gourmet Chefs
Members of this association are committed to using the best produce from eco-friendly farms to prepare the best possible regional dishes.

Gourmet tips from Gault Millau
Gault Millau, the highly-respected international gourmet guide has published a "Gourmet Guide to SouthWest Germany", the first and only guide devoted to just one German Federal State. As well as assessing chefs, the Gault Millau food critics have checked out winemakers and regional producers. There are also suggestions for gourmet tours throughout the region.

Schmeck den Süden: A Taste of the South
In SouthWest Germany, many restaurants are certified members of the Schmeck den Süden, "Taste of the South" cooperation. This guarantees that only local produce is used in the preparation of meals. All the "Taste of the South" restaurateurs are checked regularly to ensure that you enjoy local produce, prepared with care.

Strictly local: The Black Forest
The Black Forest is not only one of the prettiest parts of the region, its farms and orchards are also some of the most productive. That’s why hoteliers and restaurateurs have banded together to serve produce that is only grown in the Black Forest – and so is low on food miles. More than 75 hotels and restaurants participate; they buy their main ingredients nearby, support the local economy, and therefore keep up with SouthWest culinary quality and define the area’s food quality.