Thermal bath

Adelindis Thermal Bath & Spa

Thermenweg 2,  88422 Bad Buchau

Immerse yourself and feel good at the Adelindis Thermal Bath & Spa! From a depth of 800 meters, the curative water with its health-promoting minerals, which still has a temperature of 47 degrees at the surface, emerges from the earth.

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Water, warmth, curative power: The Adelindis Thermal Bath & Spa is a paradise for those seeking relaxation and offers a large selection of areas with different temperatures: A slightly cooler therapy pool, a whirlpool as well as a relaxation pool with jacuzzi loungers, two steaming outdoor pools and an outdoor sports pool with five swimlanes. Visitors are invited to relax in various recreation rooms with a regional flair, in steam baths, in a large wellness area, in the sunny lawn and in the bistro. 

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