Shopping street

Altstadt - Old Town

76530 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

Gold, jewellery and handicrafts: the picturesque old town (Altstadt) located around the Stiftskirche church with its winding alleyways and romantic flights of steps draws its appeal from the small, somewhat unconventional artist’s workshops and a Mediterranean sense of ease.

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Only a matter of metres above the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian precinct and the bathing quarter is where silence reigns: Baden-Baden’s historic old town between the Neues Schloss, Stiftskirche, the market square and the Friedrichsbad. 

Centuries-old cobblestones, narrow alleyways, gently murmuring fountains and decorative facades – it appears that time has stood still in this part of the spa town. 

Strolling slowly and letting your curiosity room free is what is called for in this part of Baden-Baden as you search for a true secret hotspot and a hidden shopping gem.

Here, up on the hill, it’s always worth taking a second look– at the small workshops of creative jewellery designers, at the goldsmiths hidden in rear courtyards, at the exclusive second-hand shops or at a small, exclusive wine-maker who offers wine enthusiasts the chance to try exquisite wines that are the results of real hand craftsmanship.

Those in search of something special, something individual and unconventional will encounter a very special shopping experience up here, away from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

How about a short, spontaneous break at the Marktplatz, the historic market square? You could, for example, take a seat on one of the benches and listen to the refreshing sound of trickling water from the nearby fountain. Or you could pay a short visit to the collegiate church, the venerable Stiftskirche St. Peter und Paul, famous for its late gothic crucifix from 1467. 

A small snack would be ideal now, wouldn’t it? Directly next door, there is a restaurant serving traditional, Baden specialities such as "Beef rump cap with horseradish sauce". A moment of peaceful pleasure.

Baden-Baden’s historic old town invites you to take an individual discovery tour away from the popular attractions. 

Its trademark is exceptional quality with an individual note – the opportunities on offer are as varied as the numerous, mysterious alleyways...


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