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Treadle wheel well tower with a 41-metre-deep well shaft, driven by a wooden treadle wheel. Built from 1198 onwards, the tower was also town hall, court and torture chamber with prison. Frequent structural alterations, most recently 1953/55. Since 1983 exhibition and concert room. Worth seeing outside: Pillory columns by the entrance, funerary lights of the Baker’s Guild from 1476. On the north side another work of art of Helmut Lutz, the “Radbühne”.

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Our mission for more than two decades: - To open paths to contemporary art and music, - To promote cross-border encounters with art and culture, - To keep the historic Radbrunnen in Breisach am Rhein alive. The Radbrunnen Tower is one of the oldest buildings in the city. At the beginning of the 13th century, the 41.5-meter-deep well was

from which water was drawn with a wooden treadwheel. The tower, originally 54 meters high, was destroyed twice and rebuilt in 1953-54 with a height of 34 meters.

Since 1982 it has been used by the "Kunstkreis Radbrunnen" for exhibitions and concerts. The task of the association is to keep the historic Radbrunnen alive and to promote cross-border encounters with art and culture through exhibitions and concerts.

The specific architecture of the tower with its three levels and various niches allows for a diverse presentation of paintings, sculptures and video installations.

The Radbrunnen Art Circle is led by a team of three chairpersons. These are: Michaela Höhlein-Dolde, Manfred Dolde and Ari Nahor.

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If you drive through the Gutgesellentor, which is located on the southern Münsterberg (Gutgesellenplatz)

Gutgesellentor and follow the course of Münsterbergstrasse, you will reach Radbrunnenallee, in the middle of which is the Radbrunnen Tower. (The tower has no house number).

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