Familienausflug ins Auto- und Uhrenmuseum
Special museum

Automotive and watch-making world - Schramberg

Gewerbepark H.A.U. 3/5,  78713 Schramberg

The „Erfinder Zeiten“ museum provides insight, over five floors, into the automotive world and the attitude toward life of the „little guy“ from the Post-War Era up to Germany‘s economic miracle.

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Contemporary history is presented in an impressive manner covering 3500 square meters, featuring brilliant improvisational art, unique exhibition pieces, and absolute rarities as a counterpart to everyday life. The pioneering spirit and overwhelming will for progress prominent during this period is illustrated in an impressive manner. The Black Forest‘s train museum covers around 800 square meters with a railway landscape that really makes tracks. It is considered to be the second largest rail collection in the world. The collection consists of 900 railway models, shown in 170 running meters of glass showcases. Every model is a masterpiece consisting of 10,000 individual steel elements. There are various exhibition rails to see. There is a ca. 400-square-meter exhibition that allows visitors to operate numerous functions and various trains themselves.

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