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Ayurvedic massages, medicine and nutrition, craniosacral therapy, myofascial relaxation, REGENA complex homeopathy

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The knowledge of a healthy life

Originated in North India, Ayurveda is probably the oldest holistic art of healing of humanity. The word “Ayurveda” derives from the Sanskirt language of scholars and means “science of life”. Preserving health and curing diseases are the most important concerns of Ayurveda. This can be realized when we establish a balance between our body, spirit, soul and senses.

The five elements ether, air, fire, water and earth are the basis for the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The individual distribution of the doshas creates our constitution and helps as an orientation for our nutrition, way of life, massages and therapies.

Ayurveda comes at the right time. After the predominating analytical contemplation of our lives, the Ayurvedic holistic view of the humans represents a meaningful counterpole and is a sign of wisdom based on long experience.

Ayurvedic massages

Relaxation - health - balance

The different Ayurvedic massages serve to maintain health, to cure diseases and are used in purifying treatments.

Herbal oils which are adapted to your individual constitution balance the doshas. Warm, heavy oils calm down Vata. Cooling oils balance Pitta, stimulating powders activate and balance Kapha. Different pressures and rates create different effects on the body and its functions. 
Herbal powders and Garshan silk gloves are used to create stimulating and purging effects. Oil being poured over your head  or body causes mental balance. A nervous condition is calmed down, a weak body is strengthened, a slow metabolism is activated.

Your current condition will be registered during a short conversation before the treatment which will be individually adapted.

Kalari Chikitsa

South Indian massage and therapy

The traditional Kalari treatments originate from the South Indian state Kerala. Kalari Chikitsa is closely connected with Ayurveda, both being based on the same principles.

Experiences in martial arts (Kalarippayat) have led to a wide knowledge about physiological structures of the human body and at the same time to the possibility to strengthen the body by corresponding applications and/or to treat the body in case of any restrictions of the locomotor system. A complex system of energy gates and points on them are the basis of efficient massages and treatments.

To be applied in case of backache, joint pain, restrictions of mobility, arthrosis, swellings, deposits and tissue hardenings, general weakness, psycho vegetative problems with headaches, insomnia, heart problems or digestive problems.

Myofascial therapy

more active - lighter - pain-free

Myofascial pains belong to the most common causes for chronic pain. Fascia have been know for a long time, but have been focused by research and treatments only in the last 15 to 20 years. Fascia are combined different types of fibrous connective tissues which nowadays are considered to be the cause for a large number of pain situations.
They are a multibranched web which influences the shape and the stress behaviour of the body and are even in interaction with the autonomic nervous system. It is useful to consider diagnostic terms such as myogelosis, myosclerosis or fibromyalgia under this aspect and to treat them accordingly.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

The gentle way

Cranio Sacral therapy is a manual therapy which has emerged from osteopathy. The focus of a treatment lies on the rhythm created by the development and the degradation of the spinal fluid, which is transmitted to bones and tissue and is palpable there.

The free flow of the fluid enables an optimum communication between the bones, the nervous system, the organs and all the tissues in the organism. Tensions, functional disorders or structural changes can be felt and treated in this way.  Using minimum forces of traction or pressing releases restrictions, relieves tensions and provides support to the body to find its way back to health.

The treatments are usually accompanied by deep relaxation, giving you the subsequent feeling of lightness, relaxation and flow of life.