Baden-Baden Theater

76530 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

Performances and events in an impressive setting where the audience is touched in different ways - this is what awaits you at the Baden-Baden Theatre!

The Baden-Baden Theater – a fascinating building from all angles. From the outside, it enchants with its Belle Epoch exterior, similar to that of the Paris Opera, while on the inside, it enthralls with its modern, contrasting performances, which rekindle the times when the town truly was the ‘Summer Capital of Europe’.

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The Baden-Baden Theatre, one of the most beautiful theatre buildings in Germany, was built between 1859 and1862 by the Parisian architect Charles Dérchy in the style of the Paris Opera. Since the complete renovation in 1992, the Theater at Goetheplatz can enhance the productions on stage with modern technologie and special effects.

At this historical place, the artistic director Kekke Schmidt and her cast offer performances at three different venues. Whether it´s the impressive large theatre hall, the intimate „Spiegelsaal“ (foyer of mirrors) or the TIK, the stage for young theatre, a visit to the Baden-Baden Theatre will encourage you to travel into imagination and invite you to encounter exciting stories and fantasies - figures that touch and move.

Are you looking for the perfect setting of a romantic wedding? You found the right place at the Theater Baden-Baden

The mirrored foyer, with its beautiful interior decoration, is an excellent location for hosting small, intimate events in historic ambience.
Further information can be obtained from the Baden-Baden registry office.