Do braut sich was z'samme: Lustspiel von Jürgen Hörner

Badisch Bühn Popular Theatre

Durmersheimer Str. 6,  76185 Karlsruhe

D’Badisch Bühn enjoys a long tradition in the Karlsruhe arts scene. Its directors, Thomas Munz and Jürgen Hörner, have been successful in pursuing the vision of its founder with a schedule of plays for every month of the year and every age group.

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The theatre seats 205 people and can also be used for wining and dining, making a visit to the Badisch Bühn a memorable insider into local culture and cuisine.

The theatre house offers a variety of other interesting and rewarding arts events and leisure activities, plus gift vouchers. Programme leaflets are updated to coincide with the beginning of each theatre season and put out on display in the theatre. If you’re planning an event, do ask! The friendly staff would be delighted to hear about your celebration and suggest ideas. Groups of any size are welcome.

Like to see a play? Or fancy some live music? The house offers all styles of music, for all types of memorable celebrations. Just ask to speak to the ‘Schupi Team’ – they look forward to greeting you in the Badisch Bühn.

To find out more, visit the website of D'BadischBühn

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