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Everything from day spas to grand bathing traditions: the town’s historic thermal baths quarter, known as the Bäderviertel, is also one of Baden-Baden’s exquisite shopping addresses.

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Relax and recharge your batteries. Sense the power of natural forces based on nature’s model. Pamper you mind and soul in the shade of palm and cypress trees.

Sanus per aquam – health and well-being through water. This approach to life has been the inspiration here at the foot of the Black Forest mountains since Roman times. 

Water in all its forms is the elixir of life for the world-famous spa town of Baden-Baden. With its curative springs, modern spa baths, highly specialised health clinics, the Salina Sea Salt Grotto and the countless trickling fountains amidst the well-kept parks and gardens, the town appears to be one single landscape of well-being, refined with the elegance and esprit of a tradition-conscious, global town.

Still to this day, Baden-Baden’s curative, thermal waters rise from around 2000 metres below ground and flow from twelve springs – 800,000 litres a day and reaching temperatures of up to 68°C. In Baden-Baden’s Bäderviertel the water feeds the modern Caracalla Spa and the Renaissance-styled Friedrichsbad, ensuring well-being of the highest standard. A sense of southern flair is always included.

Metre-high palm trees and slim cypress trees, towering like pillars in the sky, provide an almost Mediterranean ambience running through the otherwise exuberant bathing quarter like a green ribbon of peace and tranquillity.

Luxury comes in a wealth of varieties and is the icing on the cake of everyday life. How about a fine timepiece, a prime example of the German watch-making craft? Or a sweet temptation from the coffee house in Baden-Baden famous for its fine chocolates, fruity jams and marmalades and homemade cakes?

The art of well-being is a holistic attitude to life – a refined pampering programme for mind, body and soul. Baden-Baden’s Bäderviertel is where you should begin...


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