Colourful balloon above Baden-Baden's exclusive residential area
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Ballooning – Ballooning 2000

Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Straße 5,  76534 Baden-Baden

Experience the sunrise in a hot air balloon over Baden-Baden: Enjoy magnificent views of the northern Black Forest and the French Vosges during a trip with Ballooning 2000.

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You know this warming feeling in the early morning, when the sun rises and wakes you up with its gentle sunrays. This pleasant light, which helps you to start your day right and makes it easier to get up.

This time it is the sun itself that is still slumbering behind the mountain peaks of the northern Black Forest. Everything is asleep and quiet – the morning hectic on the streets and in the cities can't be felt still.

But you are already awake. You refresh yourself, slip into comfortable, weatherproof clothes and drink a hot cup of coffee.

Now you are on your way to the dew-covered meadow. The balloon basket is already waiting for you. You get in, your heart is pounding - and then the burner is already hissing the hot air into the balloon: You take off and float away gently, completely light-hearted and free.

It's time to find your inner centre above the roofs of the city, to look the sun in the eye, to get active and to discover new perspectives: The worries of everyday life suddenly seem so small and insignificant. You breathe deeply and with every breath you take you feel the soothing, fresh air that supplies your body with new energy.

Today, your only guide is the wind which decides on the route and landing place. You let yourself drift, trust his intuition and notice: Freedom seems to be boundless up here.

A balloon flight with Ballooning 2000 is not only about the extraordinary: It is the combination of fascination and romance, adventure and relaxation, light and colour, that makes a trip so special.

Hover between sky and earth and capture your most beautiful moments with the camera.

During the flight there is a constant radio contact between balloon and ground crew. You don't have to worry about anything. After the ride, a picnic with a traditional balloon baptism awaits you.