Observation tower

Berblinger Tower

89073 Ulm
Open 24 hours

The tower was built in honour of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, who went down in history as a tailor, inventor and aviation pioneer.

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What it must have been like to stand on a 20-metre high platform on the city wall while all the spectators waited for you to jump and fly like a bird over the Danube? How did the ›Tailor of Ulm‹ feel on the day of his failed attempt to fly? Feel it and put yourself in Berblinger's shoes. At the former jumping-off point at the Adlerbastei you can walk on the ›Berblinger Turm‹, which is inclined by 10 degrees. The spiral staircase leads upwards step by step in a dizzying manner. At the top, with a view to the ground, you can see that the construction and colouring of the steps are based on Berblinger's flying machine. Six loudspeakers attached to the sculpture turn the climb into a listening experience.


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