Bibelgarten Bibelgalerie Meersburg

Kirchstrasse 4,  88709 Meersburg
Open 24 hours

The Bible and herb garden invites you to linger in the idyllic courtyard. In the museum the stories and the history of the Bible come to life.

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In the first half of the 19th century, the monastery garden was modeled after the model of the island of Reichenau (Walafrid Strabo) in the inner courtyard of the former Dominican convent of the city of Meersburg (dating from 1300).

Since 2004, the monastery herb garden has been rounded off as a Bible and herb garden. It belongs to the topic "World and the Environment of the Bible". A special exhibition of the Bible gallery "Between Feigenbaum and Taumellolch" gave the occasion. As part of the exhibition concept, he introduces biblical plant concepts and makes biblical stories comprehensible.

He delights with about 75 medicinal plants, herbs, flowers, spices and a fig tree, which bears fruit every year. Due to the predefined spatial structure (the basic plant of the garden is first small, elongated beds in wood, later stone encased in oblong beds), the only small and non-expandable ground area is 62 m².

Particularly the climatically favored location in the protected inner courtyard area of ​​the former monastery, in which even frost-threatened Mediterranean plants prosper wonderfully.

From the idyllic courtyard the visitor enters the Bible gallery in the former monastery. The history and the stories of the Bible come alive in the family-friendly museum: visitors can explore the world of the Bible in the nomad tent of Abraham and the clay house of a family from the time of Jesus. It is fun to feel, smell, listen, do.

The monastery writing room conveys the high art of book making in the Middle Ages, can be printed on the replicated printing press of Johannes Gutenberg. Exciting is the search for Bible traces in everyday life today, In the forum for curious people there are numbers and facts, interesting and amazing around the Bible to discover and try out.

Bible treasures in the treasure chamber and the smallest Bible in the world are to be admired. In addition to the garden, the space of silence invites you to linger.


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