Ausblick ins Albtal vom Bildsteinfelsen
Observation point

Bildstein rock near Dachsberg

Open 24 hours

Breathtaking view of the Alb Valley

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Let your gaze wander from the Bildstein rock below the Goldenhof far down into the Alb Valley.

It is said that anearly-medieval castle of the Barons of Tiefensteinonce stood here. Several fairy tales tell from the adjacent Bildstein cave.

Underneath the Bildstein rock you find the cemented entrance of the former fluorite and barite mine “Grube (mine) Gottesehre” which had to be closed down in the 1980s for economic reasons. Today the mine serves as arefuge for large bat colonies. The mineral museum “Gottesehre” in Urberg is dedicated to this mine.

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