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Black Forest House of Senses

Schulstr. 1,  79865 Grafenhausen

Look - feel - learn

This interesting and exciting place is a little different, a Black Forest experience so to speak. Special exhibits engage your senses. A tour through the different sections – seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling – makes this an enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

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This world of senses merges tradition with pop art. The “modern feel” was created by the Freiburg designer Anne Deutsch ( Together with Simon Stiegeler, a wood carver from Grafenhausen, she worked on the designs for several of the exhibits. Theseeing section displays a number of optical illusions as well as an oversized hidden object game. The peculiar Black Forest flower garden plays tricks on your nose. And there is also something for yourears. Feel the sound waves from a Chinese gong in your stomach, turn your own voice into an optical instrument, and paint acoustic patterns with the Grafenhausen violin. Detect the difference between sound waves and wind by beating on a drum.

You can also learn more aboutanimalsin the Black Forest House of Senses. How does a bee see the world? What does a beehive feel like from the inside? It’s amazing experiencing the world through an insect’s eyes. Your sense of touch can also be tested here. Which animal does this fur coat belong to? And does the paw print match? Walk through the mysterious forest of masks on an extraordinary barefoot path. Thedark pathis something for the very bravest. You need to feel your way through a pitch black room and try to find the exit. For many, moving in complete darkness is an entirely new and fascinating experience.     At the end, you may come across some strange and unusual tastes at the “dark bar”. Let us surprise you!

TheTimeSpacesection is in the attic. It is dedicated to the sociological debate on the acceleration of life and the subsequent slow movement. The section was designed with some prominent support from Prof Dr Hartmut Rosa, the renowned sociologist from the University of Jena, who was an expert adviser on this project. Solve the riddle of acceleration and slow movement!


 There is a bistro which serves coffee, tasty cakes, refreshing soft drinks, and other little treats. 

The Bistro Colibri is open daily (except Tuesdays) from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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