Breisach - Eckartsberg Ruin

Marktplatz 16,  79206 Breisach am Rhein
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South of the old town of Breisach rises a small hill overgrown with vines, from which you have a beautiful view of the city, the market square and the Münsterberg. On it once stood a castle and a small monastery.

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According to legend, the 'Faithful Eckehart' owned a castle on the hill opposite Breisach's Münsterberg. The fortification on today's panorama terrace was demolished in the middle of the 18th century.The monument in the form of an obelisk erected in 1856 commemorates the transition of Breisach and Breisgau to the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1806. The European flag and the European light are signs for the European city of Breisach.

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