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Breisach - St. Stephen's Minster

Münsterplatz ,  79206 Breisach am Rhein

Breisach's landmark, built in the 12th-15th centuries in Romanesque and Gothic styles. Although it was badly damaged during World War II in 1945, significant works of art of its time have been preserved inside.Tombstones and epitaphs from the 14th-18th centuries are evidence of Breisach's turbulent history under Anterior Austrian and French rule.

Main sights: Tympanum above the west portal, crypt, wall painting by Martin Schongauer, high altar, reliquary, holy tomb, rood screen and pulpit.

The cathedral square served as a cemetery in the Middle Ages until the middle of the 17th century, then as a parade ground until the 18th century.

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The Münsterplatz (church square), a cemetery from the Middle Ages to the 17th century, and thereafter the drill square. St. Stephan´s church was built in Roman and Gothic styles between the 12th and 15th centuries. It was almost completely destroyed in 1945. Rebuilding took until 1956. Worth seeing outside: Above the western entrance a tympanum with scenes from the life of St. Stephanus (14th

century); crypt below the high choir (around 1300). Worth seeing inside, “Das Jüngste Gericht” (The Last Judgement) by Martin Schongauer (1488/91), choir screen (1500), high altar by the master H.L./Hans Loy (1523/1526), the reliquary shrine to the city patrons St. Gervasius and St. Prothasius (1496), the pulpit (1597), the Holy Grave (1517), gravestones and epitaphs (14th
to 18th centuries).

Information about guided tours of the minster is available from the parish office, phone +49 (0)7667 203.

For information on guided tours of the Minster Hill and Minster, please contact the Breisach Tourist Office, Tel. +49 (0)7667 940155


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By train or bus to Breisach train station. From there, continue with the citizens' bus on the Münsterberg.

By car via the Münsterbergstraße or the Lange Weg. Sufficient parking spaces near the cathedral.

Coaches can only access the Minster via Langer Weg and Radbrunnenallee and must not exceed 3.4 m in height. 2 parking spaces for buses on Münsterplatz. Taller buses must let their guests off at the bus stop near Heinrich-Ulmann-Platz.