Burgheim Church

Schutterlindenbergstraße 10,  77933 Lahr

Burgheim Church is the most famous church in Lahr, and also one of the city's oldest buildings. The original church on this site built in the early 7th century was one of the first stone churches on the Upper Rhine. Burgheim Church served as Lahr City Church until the late 15th century.

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The Romans were probably the first appreciated this fine hill on which Burgheim church still stands, as archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of a Roman villa rustica (farmhouse) on this site. Burgheim church was initially built in the 7th century, probably by an Alemannic or Frankish noble family, so it is probably one of the oldest stone churches in the whole Upper Rhine valley.
After some destruction in the 10th century, a new church was constructed and consecrated in 1035.
The building was repeatedly extended during the following centuries and the massive tower was added in 1455. The church on the hill remained the parish church for Lahr inhabitants until almost 1500, when its parish function was transferred to the nearby Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche).

Burgheim excavations in the mid-1950s uncovered numerous tombs dating from Frankish/Alemannic periods in the interior of the church, including the aristocratic grave of the “Lady of Burgheim”. Her valuable grave contents are now located in the “Colombischlössle” museum in Freiburg.

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