Burgruine Werrach (Schlössle) in Wehr (castle ruin Werrach)

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The “Burgruine Werrach” (castle ruin Werrach) which is also called "Schlössle" (tiny castle) is located above Wehr and may be reached via the fascinating "Sagenpfad" (path of legends).

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The “Burgruine Werrach” (castle ruin Werrach) is located on of the “Hotzenwald” hills. It was first mentioned in 1098. In the first half of the 13th century it went into the hands possession of the Barons of Klingen. It was here, that the minstrel, Walther von Klingen, created a number of  historically important documents. The castle was located on the border to the realms of Habsburg and the bishop of Basel. In 1272 the castle went into the possession of Rudolf von Habsburg and was, together with the whole Wehra valley, incorporated into the Habsburger dominion. Until the beginning of the 16th century the Barons of Schönau were minions of the castle. Later, the building was abandoned and fell into a state of decay. Since the end of the 19th century, the“Schwarzwaldverein” (Black Forest hiking club)has been restoring the ruin for visitors. You can find a pavilion with information about the history of the town and the castle and also the "Sagenpfad" (path of legends) at the "Schlössle".

At the pavilion you may enjoy a beautiful view of the town of Wehr.


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