Castle Gießen Kressbronn a. B.

Schloss Gießen ,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

The Castle of Gießen is a high medieval castle complex in the Kressbronn district of Gießen.

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The first documented owners of Gießen came from the noble family of Wolfurt, who had lived in and around Lindau and Bregenz, and later even in the Hungarian Burgenland, since the 13th century. For only a short period of two generations, the people of Wolfurt enjoyed the ownership of the castle and dominion of Gießen. In 1405, the Lindau Holy Spirit Hospital bought Gießen Castle because the noble family of Wolfurt was unable to preserve the inherited property. Since 1974 the moated castle of Gießen with its outbuildings is privately owned and is now inhabited by the present owner himself and is being restored room by room on his own initiative. In this way he has saved the tower, which was threatened by collapse, in a work lasting more than four years. Today it is accessible again, has five tower rooms and a tower terrace with a wonderful view. The castle is open for small cultural events such as readings, concerts, conferences and visits and for registered groups.


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