Catholic parish church St. Gallus Gattnau Kressbronn a. B.

St. Gallus Straße 56,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

The oldest pious legend of Gattnau tells that already at the time of St. Gallus the priest Marzell had built a chapel in Gattnau. Unfortunately there is no documentary evidence of this. It is very likely that Gattnau was a branch church of Wasserburg for a long time. In 1412 it was first mentioned in a document that Gattnau was the spiritual center of our community.

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The investment records of the Diocese of Constance then report that on October 8, 1437, a Johannes Holzhauser was appointed parish priest in the newly built parish church. Although Gattnau was not a particularly large town, it played an important role because of its visibly old and large parish church. The whole area around the parish church with its parsonage, chaplain's house and two school buildings still bears witness to this former importance. In 1788 the parish church was in a very dilapidated condition and had become too small. Therefore, the old church was demolished and replaced by a new one until 1793. Only the tower remained standing.