Chapel Eligiuskapelle Kressbronn a. B.

Kirchstraße 1,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

Long before the church and town hall existed, a chapel stood on the small grass hilltop at the crossroads between Hemigkofen and Nonnenbach. We at least know that it had to be consecrated again in 1663, after the Thirty Years' War - like Betznau.

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Today's baroque gem dates back to a foundation of the Counts of Montfort, whose coat of arms we find in the portal arch, together with the year of construction: 1748. Only ten years younger than the Marienkapelle in Schleinsee, the Eligiuskapelle has a similar floor plan: with side walls that swing out on both sides and a sacristy building on the north side, where it connects the nave and choir.
When the church was built in 1937, the chapel became unnecessary for church services, and there were actually plans to demolish it. Fortunately, however, the Warriors and Soldiers Association took care of it and in 1954 dedicated it to a memorial for the fallen, which was consecrated as such in 1958.