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Cherry Museum

Untere Guldenstraße 1A,  79346 Königschaffhausen

The tradition of cherry growing is also the theme of the cherry museum in Königschaffhausen.
On more than 100 square meters you can find a real treasure trove of objects around the cherry.

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There will be exhibited some of the production and harvesting of cherries: Cherries cannot be shaken from the tree, but must be picked by hand. This requires appropriately long ladders to reach all branches of the quite high cherry trees. The picker carries a basket in which he carries the cherries: the craft of making ladders is shown in the museum, as well as the weaving of the baskets. Baskets in all variations are exhibited.

The diversity of the cherry product is also brought to life:

Cherries as the basis for dried fruit, as preserves, for tarts and delicious cakes, or as the basic ingredient for the tasty Königschaffhauser Kirschwasser. Many of these processes can be traced in the small room and the historical significance of cherry cultivation for Königschaffhausen is made clear with the help of pictures and documents.


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