Observation tower

Climbing tower at the nature sports center in Höchenschwand

Natursportzentrum ,  79862 Höchenschwand

At 1010 meters above sea level stands the 42 meter-high observation tower and climbing into the sky and offers a stunning panoramic view around Höchenschwand.

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The view is the Feldberg in the northwest, in the Rhine Valley in the south and the Alps.

Especially in view of the Alps of the tower is a popular destination. 

For hobby and sport climbers, the tower offers a 9 m exercise climbing wall with overhangs and a 40 m high climbing wall with opportunities to enter the tower at 15 m and 24 m height. Climbing is possible only daily by appointment at the "TEAMWELT".

For beginners, the travel agency offers weekly 'Schnupperklettern' with the guest manager.


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