cts Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof
Rehabilitation clinic

cts Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof

Fremersbergstraße 115,  76530 Baden-Baden

Specialist clinic for cardiac and follow-up rehabilitation, short-term inpatient programmes for people with mental disorders and rehabilitation for caregivers.

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cts Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof specialises in cardiac rehabilitation and has a team of doctors, therapists and specialists who all have many years of experience in this field and keep their scientific knowledge up to date with regular training.

Our patient treatment and advice are accompanied by certified sports teachers, physiotherapists, masseurs and medical bath attendants, dieticians, psychotherapists and social educators. The team of therapists keeps the attending physicians and nursing staff up to date to ensure each and every patient receives a tailored, highly efficient course of treatment.

Number of doctors: 9
Therapists: 21
145 beds

cts Rehakliniken Baden-Württemberg GmbH represents a network of three rehabilitation clinics in Baden-Württemberg.