Cultural Community Kulturgemeinschaft Kressbronn a. B.

Nonnenbacher Weg 30,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

The Kulturgemeinschaft Kressbronn a. B. was founded as a civic association on March 24, 1977. It was founded to create an organizational framework for the manifold cultural activities of the citizens of Kressbronn.

Official content of Kressbronn am Bodensee

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The Kulturgemeinschaft Kressbronn has been in existence for more than 40 years. Its chairman is the mayor, the management is in the hands of the community's cultural officer. Through the Cultural Advisory Board, in which the members of the Cultural Community send representatives, the Cultural Community participates together with the Municipal Council in the planning of the Kressbronn cultural program. Above all, however, membership in the cultural community makes it possible to become active yourself! In self-organized working groups the members of the cultural community plan their own projects and events. Art, theater, music, literature and much more - there are no limits. Some working groups have existed for decades. They enrich the cultural life at Lake Constance with their offerings, sometimes even beyond. All members also support the local cultural work financially with their annual membership fee of 30.00 €. In return, they are given the opportunity to participate in the working groups themselves or to found them. Those who do not want to become active themselves benefit nevertheless, because the members usually receive reduced admission to cultural events in Kressbronn a. B.