Daughter Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Grünwald

Grünwald 19,  79853 Lenzkirch
Open 24 hours

A former Pauline abbey with a special feature, a late Gothic sandstone relief.  

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Grünwald, the smallest part of Lenzkirch, is in an almost completely flat, sunny clearing. 

Founding and history

In 1360, Heinrich von Blumenegg founded a small Pauline abbey which was modernised by the Abbot of St. Blaise Abbey and given the name “Grünwald” in 1389.

In 1978, its ownership was transferred to the Catholic Church. Renovation took place between 1976 and 1981; the population of Grünwäld contributed the most.   

Special feature: the late Gothic sandstone relief. It portrays the life of Christ in an unusual and remarkable composition.