"Die Ruhenden"Kurhausplatz in Höchenschwand

Are deliberately set the figures on the central square of the spa. There is on the one hand the transport hub and the other, a now popular place to linger . The figures reinforce your presence to share in peace in this place .

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"The eye leads man into the world,
 the ear leads the world in humans.
 Just as we breathe , we think ,
 and so is the rhythm of our daily lives .
 Sitting quietly , doing nothing.
 Spring comes and the grass grows by itself "
 A structure of different sized blocks of granite forests Blasi - sawn , axed, leave as grown - forms the basis for the character pair of bronze .
 Wisely , the materials were chosen :
 GRANIT - a plutonic rock , symbol of hardness and resistance, long time before we existed and also on the age of the people will have beyond life.
 BRONZE - one of the first people discovered alloys, which made ​​it possible to give the will to create stable form , standing for human creativity , for the beginning of civilization and culture.
 Texts in the gross added rocky environment of the sculptures mediated thoughts that target both the characters and the viewer. Interrogative or response factor . Within the Esembles the figures form diagonal vertices , so have quite distance from each other , but both entertainment fills the space between them with positive voltage . It is the fundamental tension between rest and exercise exhale and inhale , woman and man . Therein lies their loyalty and determination.
 Placed in the middle of the square , the figures come from without clothing , without frills and narrative details . They are a symbol of human existence whatever time , devoid of any externality , in the mannifestiert is important. The figures sit there and around the trees grow .

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