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E-Car charging station Höchenschwand

Dr. Rudolf-Eberle-Str. 3,  79862 Höchenschwand
Open 24 hours

Höchenschwand. my-e-car fast charging station with 2 connections at the car park of the guest's house.

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my-e-car uses the charging pillar network of energy service. The fast charging pillar with 2 connections 22 kW is operated with green electricity from 100 % hydropower (natural energy gold). Two electric vehicles can refuel at the same time at this charging station (one of them is the rental car from my-e-car).
Important facts about the charging station:

                         - What kind of vehicles can be charged?

The charging station has two "Type 2" sockets, which is the European standard for electric vehicles. Accordingly, all vehicles with a "Type 2" charging cable can charge there (e.g. Renault Zoe which is used in the fleet of my-e-car). Vehicles with a "Type 1" can also charge to "Type 2" adapters, such as the Nissan i-mev, or comparable adapters.

                         - What is the power supply and fuse protection (i.e. technical issues)?

The charging station is fused for a total of 44 kW i.e. 63A (depends on how many vehicles are attached at the same time). The charging station is directly connected to the public grid and the electricity that can be charged there is NaturEnergie Gold and therefore 100% hydropower.
                         - How long does a charging process take?

This depends on the one hand on how fast the electric vehicle can charge and on the other hand on how empty the battery is. For example, a Renault Zoe in the large version has a battery of 41 kW and can therefore be fully charged with 22 kW charging power in less than 2 hours. As a rule, however, electric vehicles are rarely completely empty and charging takes less time.
                         - How does the payment etc. work?

You can pay directly with the credit card by scanning the QR code at the charging station (with the smartphone). The customer is then directed to a website where he has to register once with a credit card and can start the loading process.
Alternatively, he can purchase a charging chip from the NaturEnergie Communtiy. Further information can be found at:

Even electric motorists who are not customers of my-e-car can charge at most of the energy service charging stations. All they need is a master or Visa credit card that works with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

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