Die Esslinger "Burg" thront über der historischen Altstadt von Esslingen am Neckar

Esslingen "Castle"

Auf dem Schönenberg,  73728 Esslingen am Neckar
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The Esslingen “Burg” (Castle) has towered above the town for over 700 years. It never served as the seat of a noble family but was always part of the former town fortifications.

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The “Burg”, as the Esslingen inhabitants still call it affectionately, protected the town against attacks. Its battlement walkway and towers prevented the invaders from attacking. The High Watch Tower rises at the west end; it was an observation tower that, with many alterations, goes back to the 14th century. The Big Tower on the right is younger. The round tower was added in 1520 as a gun turret. The watch-tower built on top of the city walls that can be reached from the city via steep steps was mainly used as a vantage point for the city´s fire brigade.

Relics ot the city wall in the Old Town include the Schelztorturm tower, Pliensauturm tower and Wolfstor, or "Wolf´s Gate".

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