Evangelical Christian Church Kressbronn a. B.

Ottenbergweg 22,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

On a slight elevation above the Bundesstraße B31 and halfway up the Ottenberg, the Protestant Christuskirche has stood for 50 years. Next to it, on the generously laid out grounds, are the parish hall, which was built in 1929, and the rectory, which was built later

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It was thanks to fortunate circumstances that in 1928 a royal Württ. colonel from Brandenburg was prepared to sell his building plot on the Ottenberg to the Protestant church community. The property offered space not only for the planned prayer room, but later also for the church and the rectory. Thus, in 1929, the prayer room for the approximately 150 parishioners was built. In February 1954 the parish council of the newly formed parish of Kressbronn decided to dare to build a new church. Already on December 11, 1956, the parish was able to celebrate the topping-out ceremony. Due to lack of funds, the co-planned parsonage followed later. Already on April 7, 1957, the Christuskirche was solemnly consecrated. This church construction had also become urgently necessary, since the number of members of the Protestant parish in Kressbronn had grown from 150 (1928) to over 1,000. The Lutheran parish now had its own house of worship, the rectory and organ building followed later. The prayer room, which was no longer needed, was given the function of a parish hall.

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