Fächerbad Becken 1
Leisure pool

Fächerbad Baths

Am Sportpark 1,  76131 Karlsruhe

The Fächerbad complex is not just used for sporting events but also offers leisure facilities, making it a popular venue for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

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The Fächerbad complex is over 1500 sq m in size and features a 50-metre swimming pool with separate lanes for backstroke swimmers – the only pool in the region with this facility.

There’s also a separate diving pool, a variety of indoor and outdoor family pools and an expansive open-air enclosure including beach volleyball courts, and plenty more! The Fächerbad ‘sauna paradise’ is home to a wide selection of steam rooms as well as Karlsruhe’s largest ‘sauna garden’. Facilities are even open until 11pm!

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