Zunfthaus der Narren
Special museum

Fasnetmuseum (Carnival Museum)

Turmstraße 14,  79098 Freiburg

Clowns, German carnival fans and "Fasnet" enthusiasts will all get their fill of fun at Freiburg's Carnival Museum. Located in the “Haus Zum Grünen Jaspis” (House of Green Jasper), a 16th-century late medieval townhouse, from January to December, the museum celebrates the “fifth season”, another name for Germany’s beloved carnival Season.

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Ribblinghieler, Schnogedätscher and Mooswaldwibiili are likely foreign words, even for some Freiburgers. But the Carnival Museum gives visitors the chance to brush up on their carnival “Badisch” and learn about the lively traditions of the city’s carnival guilds.

The exhibits feature typical historical costumes, artfully sewn with straw, shingles, corks and grass, and explains how to decipher to which guild they belong. The costumes are topped off with hand-carved, colorfully painted wooden masks ("Larven") and accessorized with typical carnival props, such as long scissors, pig gut sacks and scepters.

Discover the colorful traditions of carnival celebrations in southwest Germany!

Note on carnival etiquette: Local tradition strictly forbids Rhinelander exclamations from Cologne such as “Helau” and “Alaaf.” Instead, use the preferred local “Narri – narro!” when greeting fellow revelers.

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