Blick auf den Feldbergturm

Feldberg in the Black Forest

Dr. Pilet-Spur 2,  79868 Feldberg
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At a height of 1,493 m, the Feldberg is the highest mountain in the Black Forest, offering vast panoramic views – you can even see Mont Blanc during good weather. The Feldberg region also has the biggest and oldest nature reserve in Baden-Württemberg.

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The natural forests have many surprises in store for hikers: The Feldberg fens have a similar vegetation as the Alps, meaning that there are many plant species here that normally only grow in the Alps.

In the summer, hikers can experience the charming landscape of the Black Forest Highlands on numerous hiking trails such as the premium hiking trail, the Feldberg-Steig.

And in the colder seasons, the region is great for winter sports fans: There are 35 ski lifts on the Feldberg with 60 km of slopes.

On the neighbouring Seebuck mountain peak is a former radio tower, now open to the public. 

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