Nature reserve

Feldberg Nature Preservation Area

Dr. Pilet Spur 4,  79868 Feldberg

The nature preservation area in Feldberg is the oldest (since 1937) and – at 42 km² – the largest nature preservation area in Baden-Württemberg.

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The region was shaped by the last ice age. The whole Feldberg region was covered in ice and snow, and there were glacier tongues in the neighbouring valleys. This led to the creation of corrie lakes. The best-known, and definitely also one of the most beautiful, is the circular Feldsee Lake, enlarged by the terminal moraine from the Seebach Glacier. The lake is clear, cold, and low in nutrients – tough conditions which house a special European species, the spore-bearing quillwort.  

Pristine forests are found most around Lake Feldsee. Beeches, pines, spruces, and sycamores create a diverse and natural forest. 

The fens by the Feldberg have similar vegetation to the Alps. These regions naturally are lacking wooded areas and are cool and fresh, allowing typical alpine species, such as the alpine bartsia, the narrow-leaved marsh orchid, the alpine snowbell, and others, to grow here.     

The coexistence of other rare habitats, such as avalanche paths, rocks, stone rivers, mountain streams, etc., makes the Feldberg a very special experience, not just for nature lovers.