Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim

Felina-Areal theatre

Holzbauerstraße 6-8,  68167 Mannheim

What does underwear have to do with art? At the very least, it provides the name of this small theatre...

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The Felina-Areal theatre was opened in February 2009. Situated in the heart of the city's beautiful Neckarstadt district, it provides a space  for you to enjoy the skills of professional artists from all areas of the performing arts. The programme includes drama, music theatre, dance productions, readings and children's and youth theatre. The Felina-Areal concentrates on socio-critical comedies as well as world premieres of their own works and political theatre. A major aim of this small house is to strengthen the local dance scene, which is why you will find so many different styles on display here.                   

Top tip: In the Schimperstraße just around the corner is a delightful terrace that offers a genuine taste of Italy. The little "Osteria Limoni" restaurant is hard to find and a real gem in the heart of the Neckarstadt district.

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