Fitness trail

“Finnbahn” in the Pfisterwald Nordic Walking Park / Centre

Sportplatz 1,  79274 St. Märgen
Open 24 hours

Special running trail for joggers, walkers, or Nordic walkers. 

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A “Finnbahn” is a specially prepared running track. With a width of 1.5 m, it snakes its way through the Pfisterwald forest, covering a distance of 1,150 metres and forming a figure of eight. It crosses the toboggan track twice on two bridges. Half of the track can be floodlit. Each lap has a 45 m incline.   

The track is particularly suited for joggers or walkers with joint problems, because it combines exercise with convalescence. The track is gentle on the joints. Each step is lightly cushioned, and there are no trip hazards such as stones or roots. 


Free entry