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Fishing at the Erm Valley Fishery (Ermstalfischerei)

Enge 1,  72574 Bad Urach

The Erm Valley Fishery is situated in the upper Erm valley between Bad Urach and Seeburg. Here you can buy fresh fish, taste it deliciously prepared or catch it yourself. The ponds are stocked with rainbow trout, salmon trout and char. Beginners can enjoy a taster session as they do not need a fishing licence or their own equipment.

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The Strobel family who run the Erms Valley Fishery can boast 50 years' experience in the production of high-quality fish specialities. Top priority is given to ensuring that the products are fresh, healthy and natural. The spring water has been designated as the highest quality, which is reflected in the fine fresh taste of the fish.

It's not just anglers who find something to enjoy here. During the winter months, carp are offered for sale, in addition to trout, salmon trout and char. Fish is smoked on the premises according to an old, well-used recipe. And if you're not in the mood for either fishing or cooking but would like to enjoy honest, simple cooking you can enjoy freshly smoked trout or char on the terrace with a view over the ponds.


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