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Fishing in St. Peter

Klosterhof 11,  79271 Sankt Peter
Open 24 hours

Visitors staying in St. Peter can fish in the Badweiher and the Kreuzhofweiher. A valid annual fishing licence is required for both ponds. 

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Kreuzhofweiher: Fishing is permitted on Sundays and on public holidays without a day ticket.

Badweiher: Daily fishing is possible but only for visitors whose holiday accommodation is in St. Peter. Daily fishing permits are available at the St. Peter Tourist Information Centre. The Badweiher allows a catch of up to six fish per day. 

Contact / St. Peter Tourist Information Centre: +49 (0)7652-12068370,

No fishing from 01/10 to 31/03 the following year (winter break)

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