Forest Reserve “Schwarza Halden”

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Spanning around 428 hectares, the Schwarza Halden is one of the biggest forest reserves in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The woodlands in the Höchenschwand and Ühlingen-Birkendorf districts are owned by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Ühlingen-Birkendorf municipality. The protected forest area stretches out along both sides of the Schwarza and Fohrenbach valleys at an altitude of 620 m to 960 m above sea level. The average annual rainfall is between 620 and 1,000 mm. 

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The reserve, which is in a very beautiful location stretching to the left and right of the Schwarza River from the Leinegg all the way to the Rappenfelsen at an altitude of 620 m to 960 m above sea level, is fascinating due to its diversity and primordial environment. Typical landscape formations include clearance cairns and scree slopes. Visitors to the forest will continually encounter rare plants and animals on the oftentimes narrow trails. Since the European Nature Conservation Year in 1970, all exploitation in the forest reserve Schwarza Halden has ceased. Fallen deadwood trees are part of the scenery.

Nature is left entirely to its own devices and can thus develop into a jungle of tomorrow without any human interference. The forest reserve also serves as an observation plot for forestry scientists from the Forest Research Institute in Freiburg. The obtained insights provide important information for natural forest management. The difference between a forest that is used for agricultural purposes and one which is left completely untouched is explained during a guided tour through the forest reserve Schwarza Halden with a ranger from the Waldshut district authority in the eastern forest district. The traces of previous settlements on the “Brendener Mountain” can also be discovered on the way. The tours span a distance of around 5 km and lead across narrow and partially steep trails which require around 3 hours (1.5 hours of pure walking). Further information on the dates on

+49 (0)7652-12060.

Danger in the forest reserve!
There are no forestry or traffic safety measures in place inside the protected forest. Dead or sick trees are not removed. They decompose naturally. This means that branches could break off and entire tree trunks could fall during strong winds. Due to this considerable risk, you should only enter the protected forest during calm weather. You are liable for any damages that may occur.


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