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Forest sports trail in Höchenschwand

Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Str. 3,  79862 Höchenschwand
Open 24 hours

Höchenschwand. The forest sports trail consists of 2.6 km of running track and offers numerous strengthening and stretching stations in the forest.

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The forest sports trail consists of a 2.6 km long running track interrupted by strengthening and stretching stations. The focus is on heart and circulation training (endurance training) in healthy forest air.
The parkour is structured as follows:

  • Warm-up distance
  • expansion station
  • Running course I
  • Strengthening Station I
  • Walking Station II
  • Strengthening Station II
  • expansion station
  • run-out distance
  • walking distance

Warming up and stretching are mandatory for a healthy workout. The use of the power stations is optional and only makes sense after a warm-up lap. Stretching exercises are recommended before the end of the course in order to make a loose run-out lap afterwards.

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