Historical building

Franciscan Monastery

Kapuzinergasse 2,  79206 Breisach am Rhein

Where the district court and notary's office stands today, there was the Franciscan monastery with a comedian's house and a grammar school in 1302-1793, and then the district house with a district office, district court and prison in 1822-1945.

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The Franciscan Monastery, with a Gymnasium (grammar school) and comedy playhouse, stood here from 1302-1793. The grammar school’s most famous pupil was Bernhard Galura (1779-1783) from Herbolzheim, sponsor of education and theological author, who died in 1856 as the prince-bishop of Brixen, in South Tyrol. The former garden is nowadays open to the public during daytime and offers a marvelous view of the Kaiserstuhl wine region. It is also the site of a felt artwork created by the felt artist Uwe Bitsch, who lives and works in Breisach.


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