Architektur Staatsweingut Freiburg

Freiburg State Vineyard

Merzhauser Straße 119,  79100 Freiburg

Did you know that more than a dozen wineries in Germany are owned by the state? This is a long-standing tradition dating back to when Charlemagne had his own vine stocks planted around the year 800.

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Wine-pressing as a state affair

Across 37 hectares, the vintners of the Freiburg State Vineyard tend to high-quality crops. Whether Riesling, Chardonnay, or Burgundy vines – thanks to the region's mild climate and decades of experience, this is where the pure pleasure of wine is made.

The vineyard’s light, fruity wines are just as convincing as the premium wines from the Blankenhornsberg and Schlossberg sites, which combine the best of the vintage and grade.

Savor the unique and superb wines of Freiburg on a tour through the vineyard!

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