Fremersberg Baden-Baden
Observation tower

Fremersberg Mountain

Fremersberg Turm 1,  76530 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

Fremersberg Mountain now boasts its third observation tower. The breathtaking view of the Black Forest Mountains, Oostal valley and Rhine Valley with the Vosges Mountains is well worth the 144-step climb.

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Originally built in 1883 and then raised to around 28 metres in 1900, the first tower was made from stone sourced from the Sinzheim quarry. Due to the risk of collapse, it had to be taken down in 1954. In July of the same year, a newly built second tower made from the old stone was presented to the public, but was taken down again just six years later. When SWF (South West radio station) built its TV studio in Hans-Bredow-Strasse, it required a permanent directional radio site. Whilst the initial plan was to erect a radio tower right next to the observation tower, the old tower was ultimately taken down for aesthetic reasons, under the condition that the new radio tower would also serve as an observation tower. The radio tower with an observation deck at a height of 30 metres was officially opened in autumn 1961.


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