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Fressgasse street

Open 24 hours

The little sister of the "Planken" pedestrian zone offers a special mix of retail and gastronomy.

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One of the city's most popular promenades can be found parallel to the main shopping street "Planken", which runs from the water tower to the old town hall. With the opening of the new Q6Q7 shopping centre, the area has just greeted a glamorous and modern newcomer. On top of that, this street will win you over with its special mix of small retailers and individual boutiques, such as small shoe shops, an exclusive dog boutique, high fashion for kids, a specialist confectioner and a general grocery store. The "Fressgasse" (eating street) is 800 metres long and gets its name from the astonishing variety of food on offer: from sushi to tagines, fluffy donuts to healthy green smoothies.

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