Fruit and wine trail

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Fruit and wine hiking trail in Königsschaffhausen.
Various educational boards guide you through the fruit and wine hiking trail.
Fruit hiking trail - length 1,7km
Wine hiking trail - length 3,6km
Total length : 5,3km

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Topics of the fruit hiking trail are, among others, the cherry and its history around Köngischaffhausen, habitat of old fruit trees as well as fruits and ripening time.

Topics of the wine trail are, among others, different wine varieties (Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay ... ), viticulture and Kaiserstuhl and Endingen.

We start at the train station in Königschaffhausen and clockwise we go through Bahnhofstraße, into Endinger Straße, along Gausbergstraße and then leave it to the left onto the hiking trail. At the educational panel 9 we reach the first viewpoint, make a turn to the south lying Maiengrundhütte, and reach after another 4 viewpoints, the highest point of the hike, at 260 meters altitude. Climatically and geologically, the Kaiserstuhl offers ideal conditions for rich vegetation, which can be celebrated along the circular hike. Back on firm roads, you get back to the center of Köngischaffhausen through Kiechlingsberger Straße and Rathausstraße, and through Untere Guldenstraße you get back to the train station.


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Take the Kaiserstuhlbahn to Königschaffhausen station, from there the hiking trail also starts.