Gartenstadt von oben
Modern architecture

Garden city

Resedenweg 6,  76199 Karlsruhe
Open 24 hours

The garden city of Rüppurr in Karlsruhe, which, together with Hellerau in Dresden, is one of the first garden cities in Germany, was established in 1907.

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According to the Anglo-Saxon model, the new concept makes for a healthy lifestyle with green spaces and affordable prices in the immediate vicinity of the city. In accordance with Friedrich Ostendorf and Max Läuger’s designs, the housing development commences east of the central Ostendorfplatz with its retail facilities. Due to the residents’ various housing needs, different types of buildings were conceived, creating an overall varied urbanscape. Each building has a large kitchen garden, ensuring that the residents are self-sufficient. To date, the garden city is still run as a cooperative.