Garden Monument Stiegeler Park Konstanz

Hermann-Hesse-Weg 16,  78464 Konstanz

"The Villa Stiegeler with its landscaped park has the last garden area in this section of Lake Constance, which has been largely preserved in its original size and testifies to the generosity of such plants of the 19th and early 20th century." (Quoted from: Cultural Heritage in Baden-Wurttemberg, justification of the monumental property according to § 2 DSchG)

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Stiegeler Park in Constance a jewel on Lake Constance

In 1918, Commerzienrat Wilhelm Stiegeler acquired the devastated site of an exploited gravel pit, and the associated ancient former Dominikanertkorkel to Klaus. He laid the grounds up, laid out an English landscape garden and built his villa under the architectural direction of Albert Speer Senior. In the course of the decades two more residential buildings were added, which were placed with regard to the structure of the garden. The park has largely remained unchanged and forms a unique ensemble on the shore of Lake Constance, which decisively influences the shore landscape. In 2010, the park was placed together with the main building as a unit of total monuments. The former Dominikanertkorkel has been under protection since the Grand Ducal monuments list and in 1996 it was an exciting contemporary addition by an architect Christoph Mäckler from Frankfurt.


During the more than 100 years of the plant's history, many different types of ornamental plants and woody plants have been added, as well as design elements that blend harmoniously into the overall picture. Since more than three years, Elisabeth Stiegeler has been working with assistants in the care and development of the garden. Under her direction, the number of plants and design elements has continued to grow considerably.

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